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Click here for a virtual architectural tour of the completed restoration: VIRTUAL TOUR

To the angels, our churches are the frontier between heaven and earth. Here, the angels worship God side by side with men, women and children, and the accord of our adoration unifies the chasm between time and eternity. In our churches, heaven and earth are one.

How evident this becomes when our earthly churches remind us of heaven, when the invisible mysteries of eternity are made visible for us to behold! In heaven, as on earth, Christ is King. How much more then must Christ our King be enthroned in our land.

This is the mission and charism of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest: to enthrone Jesus Christ as King in every aspect of human life. This begins in our churches; this must be most evident at our Provincial Headquarters, here in the United States.

We present to you the Institute’s Provincial Shrine of Christ the King. Watch and enjoy this enchanting video accompanied by the heavenly melodies of Gregorian chant sung by priests and seminarians of the Institute of Christ the King.

To find out more information about the Institute’s Provincial Shrine of Christ the King or to learn how you can help, please call our Project Manager, Rev. Canon Matthew Weaver, at (773) 363-7409 ext. 2 or email him at

This is a preliminary conceptual model for the church’s interior. The completed design will include many more features and furnishings including side altars, confessionals, stained glass windows, statuary and more.