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Help Restore the Infant King Statue

$10000 Raised of $10000

The Shrine’s iconic Infant King statue suffered damage in the fire and required a costly restoration totaling approximately $10,000. Please consider helping us to defray the expenses of bringing the Infant King home once again! Only with your continued support will these efforts succeed.

The unique structure of the historic landmark Shrine of Christ the King, historically known as St. Clara and then St. Gelasius, near the influential University of Chicago, will be brought back to classical beauty. We invite you to become part of a unique project and to contribute generously to the restoration of this historic landmark in Chicago. This gem of ecclesiastical art will again display Chicago’s architectural heritage. Learn more about this historic landmark’s history and future in these pages.

Current State of the Restoration

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Phase 1 (In Progress)
Securing the Building Envelope
$1.46 Million Raised of $2.5 Million
  • Stabilization
  • Masonry Repairs
  • New Roof
  • New Thermal Windows

After suffering a devastating fire on October 7th, 2015, this landmark is in need of your help now more than ever. The Shrine has risen from the ashes before, but your generous assistance will be needed to bring this glorious restoration to its realization.